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16 Online trainings back by popular demand

Facebook Lead Generator (Full 6 week course) $1297
How to set up and active a seller lead funnel for your real estate business

The Art of Nurture: Cultivating Clients For Life (1/2 day intensive workshop) $297

The elements and layers you need to have in place for a successful, long term, lead to client nurture system.

The Insane Value In Pixels (Masterclass) $97
What is a pixel & how to use them

Perfect First Contact Email (Masterclass) $97
The IDX email that should be going to everyone who signs up

How To Target Your Ideal Client On Facebook (Masterclass) $97
Targeting your ideal audience on Facebook using advanced targeting

Facebook Ad Strategy Calendar (Masterclass) $97
What kind of ads to post and when

The Facebook Seller Lead Generation Template (Masterclass) $97
Everything you need to generate seller leads from Facebook

Email Marketing (Masterclass) $97
An overview of what to use and what to send

Creating A Facebook Advertising Strategy For Your Real Estate Business (Masterclass) $97
Overview of the perfect Facebook advertising funnel

Coming Soon Funnel (Masterclass) $97
Advertising coming soon listings online

What To Do With The Leads You Get (Masterclass) $97
Cultivating relationships on your page, on your website, via email and via snail mail

The Ins And Outs Of Posting Listings On Your Facebook Page (Masterclass) $97
Posting a listing blog post on your Facebook business page

Facebook Page Likes: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How (Masterclass) $97
The strategic use of (and accumulation of) Facebook page likes

The #1 Ad You Should Be Running On Your Facebook Business Page (Masterclass) $97
The power of page like ads

Creating The Perfect Ethical Bribe (Masterclass) $97
How to create a lead magnet that brings in real estate leads

The 4 Facebook Ad Writing Secrets (Masterclass) $97
How to write an ad that will capture your prospects attention and compel them to take action


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